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Frequently Asked Questions

Your most frequent questions

1. How can I book my flight?Choose your package online, once the reservation has been confirmed, we will send you the invoice. Upon receipt of payment, you will receive your flight voucher.

2. How can I choose the date of my flight?

Together we define the exact day and time of your flight. If the weather does not allow us to fly, we will propose another date. The day before the flight, we will send you a confirmation with the exact location and time of the appointment.

Without confirmation, you cannot take part in the flight. On the day of your flight, we meet at our flight base at the Moulin d'Altwies or another location. Please make sure that we have your mobile phone number and that we have the possibility to contact you in case of cancellation. On the same day, bring your tickets (not the confirmation) to give them to the pilot.

3. Can I fly in any situation?

Certain weather conditions, such as rain or irregular winds, may make it impossible for the balloon to take off. In this case we will propose a new date for your flight. It should be noted that a hot air balloon flight generally lasts 60 minutes, however, depending on weather conditions and wind direction, the pilot may decide to shorten the flight to ensure your safety. This flight cannot be renewed and will not be refunded.






















For a balloon flight you have to take two things into account :

The first thing is the speed of the wind when you take off and land.
The second thing is that a thermal wind is very dangerous for a flight.

Because the bottom of the balloon is open, a thermal wind could compress the balloon and blow hot air. For this reason, it is really important to pay attention to the weather conditions. A flight takes place only when the sky is clear and only in the morning or in the evening, because the appearance of cumulus clouds predicts the arrival of thermal winds.
Takeoff schedules vary by season and depend on sunrise and sunset times.

















4. Does a child or a pregnant woman can fly in a hot air balloon?
There is no age limit for flying in a balloon. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Minimum size: 1.10m.
Pregnant women are not allowed to fly.
New Spirit Balloons disclaims any responsibility for the effects that pregnant women.

5. Do I have to pay attention to special clothes?
Since we generally do not climb more than 1000 meters, the temperature difference with the ground is minimal. However, it is advisable to take a little wool because at dusk the atmosphere is refreshing in the middle of the fields.
Prefer dark clothes than light outfits.
Ladies, for your comfort forget heels and skirt and prefer a comfortable outfit.

6. What more?
A camera to immortalize this moment!

7. How does a flight with us work?
In order to benefit from all the moments that the balloon offers, you will help with the preparations of your flight. Climb aboard the hot-air balloon and savor Luxembourg's landscapes from above.
Upon landing the balloon, we take you back to the Mill to celebrate your hot air ballooning with a glass of cremant. Your pilot will give you your baptismal certificate, which will end a day full of emotions.

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