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flying with us

Before taking off, you participate in the assembly of the balloon. For this unique experience, discover the secret world of balloon flights from start to finish. The installation is a fascinating moment when the balloon swells like a giant.


Then comes the moment of takeoff and once in the air, time seems to stop. Float in the wind above the green meadows, forests and Luxembourg, along the Moselle and enjoy the unique charm of this flight ...


Our driver is always available to provide you with information and answer your questions. After landing, we take you to celebrate this special moment with a glass of cremant. Your pilot will give you your baptismal certificate, which will end this day full of emotions.


New Spirit Balloons is a non-profit association founded in 2010 with headquarters in Altwies. Carlo Arendt, founder and pilot, who received his license in 2008 became in the wake the general importer of the brand Kubicek.


Today, the association New Spirit Ballons has 7 balloons of different shapes and sizes, including the largest in Luxembourg, which can accommodate up to 12 people, and an Airship.

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